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The Mott Foundation, through its Civil Society program, supports efforts to build a vibrant and independent philanthropic and nonprofit sector.

We fund organizations and initiatives that promote effectiveness, accountability, and transparency within the sector; build the capacity of foundations and nonprofit organizations to address local community needs; enhance the sector’s legal, fiscal, research, and policy framework; and ensure an adequate, responsive flow of resources to the nonprofit sector. Our geographic focus includes: Central and Eastern Europe, South Africa, United States, and select countries internationally, as well as globally.

*Note: This issue previously included support to organizations working in Russia, and such support is detailed in the Foundation's grants database. However, in 2015, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation was included on a list of organizations that the upper house of the Russian parliament recommended designating as “undesirable.” We therefore concluded that the best course of action was to discontinue our support in Russia. See the Foundation’s statement regarding this development for more information.