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This program area seeks to increase the nonprofit and philanthropic sector’s responsiveness and capacity to address social and community needs.

Funding is made under two objectives.

Funding priorities for Nonprofit Sector Responsiveness

We seek to support a robust infrastructure that protects and promotes a vibrant and responsive nonprofit sector and philanthropy. We are making grants:

  • To membership and other organizations that support and justify a favorable legal/fiscal framework for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector.
  • To national or Michigan state-level organizations promoting well-functioning, accountable, effective, transparent and inclusive nonprofits and foundations.
  • To leading national nonprofit research and data organizations.

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Funding priorities for Community Philanthropy

We seek to strengthen philanthropy that promotes vitality and resiliency in local communities. We are making grants:

  • To organization that advocate for and advance citizen participation and community leadership practices by community foundations and other place-based funders.

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