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Pathways to Opportunity

Program at a Glance

Mission: to create an environment in which children and young people from low- and moderate-income families have access to a quality educational experience that connects with family and community and leads to academic and economic success.


Advancing Afterschool

Goal: To promote access to quality afterschool educational opportunities.

Objectives/What We Seek:

  • Policy and Partnerships. We seek to develop effective policies and partnerships to increase the availability of quality afterschool programs for children, youth, and families.
  • Quality and Innovation. We seek to advance innovative, research-based practices that increase student engagement in learning, prepare students for college and career, and connect them to their communities.

Success Beyond High School

Goal: To promote programs encouraging greater numbers of students to begin and complete educational and training opportunities beyond high school.

Objectives/What We Seek:

  • Assets. We seek to identify and promote effective savings programs that increase students’ ability to finance educational activities beyond high school.
  • Access. We seek to advance well-designed and effectively implemented policy reforms that encourage students’ access to and timely completion of educational programs beyond high school.

Special Initiatives

Goal: To respond to new strategies, unique opportunities, and changing social, economic, and political contexts that may affect our goals.

Objectives/What We Seek:

Our grantmaking in this area provides flexibility so we can take advantage of opportunities to inform the ongoing development of our strategies, engage in collaborative programming across different areas of the Foundation’s work, and maintain relationships across sectors with key organizations that can advance the Foundation’s goals.

Anyone interested in applying for funding is strongly encouraged to submit a letter of inquiry instead of a full proposal.