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Addressing the Freshwater Challenge

Securing enough clean water to support both people and the environment presents what we call the freshwater challenge. In areas where freshwater is in relative abundance, the challenge involves protecting and restoring natural supplies. In other places, it requires more efficient and effective use of an already scarce resource.

The bulk of the Mott Foundation’s environmental work in the United States focuses on the freshwater challenge, with special emphasis on the country’s Great Lakes region.

Our grantmaking aims to achieve two objectives:

Strengthening the Environmental Community

We seek a strong, effective and sustainable community of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the long-term conservation of freshwater ecosystems. We award grants to:

  • Key organizations active in freshwater issues, particularly state-level groups, to build their organizational capacity and coordinate efforts.
  • Intermediary organizations that help to build the capacity of and/or provide small grants to nonprofits and leaders working to conserve freshwater ecosystems.
  • Regional and national organizations that seek to build the field of freshwater conservation by sharing lessons learned in the Great Lakes and other regions of interest to Mott. 

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Informing Sound Public Policies

We seek well-designed and effectively implemented water-quality and water-quantity policies that advance the conservation of freshwater ecosystems. We award grants to: 

  • Groups working at the state and local levels on selected public policy reform efforts.
  • Regional and national groups that provide assistance and/or regrant funds to state and local groups engaged in the same selected policy reform efforts.

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