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Special Initiatives

This program area responds to unique opportunities to advance environmental protection in the U.S. and internationally.

Our funding is made under two objectives.

Funding priorities for Special Opportunities

One-time opportunities to contribute to the resolution of significant domestic or global concerns.

Due to budget constraints, funds typically are not allocated to this objective until specific projects are identified.

Funding priorities for Growth Management and Urban Revitalization in Michigan

We seek in Michigan’s urban areas and surrounding older communities, a built environment designed to promote environmental health, economic prosperity and social equity. We are making grants:

  • To national and/or statewide organizations to engage in state-level transportation policy reform efforts and to coordinate with, and provide technical and networking assistance to, regional and local organizations.
  • To regional and local organizations to help develop and implement model transportation projects at the metropolitan and/or local levels and to connect their leaders with one another.

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