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Flint Area

The Flint Area program aims to foster a well-functioning, connected community that is capable of meeting the economic, social and racial challenges ahead.

Charles Stewart Mott began this Foundation in 1926 in his home community of Flint, Michigan. Our decades-long partnership with Flint and Genesee County has been the genesis of many of our current national and international program interests. Conversely, the greater Flint area benefits from lessons learned through our national and international grantmaking.

The Flint area, like much of the country, continues to face significant economic and social challenges. The regional economy, manufacturing base, educational system and housing infrastructure are severely stressed. Many of the challenges facing the community and the region are a result of broad national and global changes.

The city and region have an imperative to find new economic opportunities. To do so will require a focus on homegrown entrepreneurs and innovators, improvements to the educational system, revitalized cities and neighborhoods, and a collaborative and regional approach to doing business. We focus on all of these issues through our grantmaking.

The program is organized into four grantmaking areas:

Funding for unsolicited proposals is limited throughout the program. Those interested in applying for funding are strongly encouraged to submit letters of inquiry instead of a full proposal.