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Arts, Culture and Education

This program area supports education, arts and cultural institutions as critical forces for positive change and key determinants of the community’s quality of life and economic well-being.

We search for opportunities for new, innovative and creative programs that promote positive arts and education opportunities for all Flint area residents.

Funding is made under two objectives.

Funding priorities for Arts and Culture

Grantmaking under this objective supports key agencies, programs and institutions. This includes funding for the Flint Cultural Center institutions as well as smaller community arts organizations.

We seek strong, sustainable and vibrant local cultural organizations that provide diverse arts and cultural opportunities to all residents of Genesee County. We are making grants:

  • To small and large arts organizations for general operations and specific programs to provide a variety of high-quality cultural opportunities for all residents of Genesee County.
  • For capital improvements and endowments to upgrade facilities and provide for the long-term stability of the Flint Cultural Center.

Funding priorities for Education

Grantmaking under this objective focuses on creating stronger linkages between secondary and post-secondary education including dual-enrollment and pre-college initiatives; summer enrichment programs and afterschool programs that focus on K-12 student learning and development; and support for Genesee County’s four institutions of higher education.

We seek a continuum of high-quality learning opportunities that meet the needs of Flint-area children, youth and adults from pre-kindergarten through college.

We are making grants:

  • That strengthen educational opportunities for K-12 students, with a particular emphasis on disadvantaged and Flint students.
  • That support targeted afterschool programs in the Flint area.
  • That increase the capacity of local colleges and universities and improve access to developmental and higher educational opportunities, especially for lower-income and minority students.