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Economic Revitalization

This program area supports efforts that improve local governance, regional cooperation, community participation and the Flint area’s economic vitality.

Grantmaking supports a wide variety of efforts to improve the region’s economic well-being.

Funding is provided through two objectives.

Funding priorities for Economic Development

Grantmaking under this objective supports efforts to transform the local economy and revitalize the downtown.

We seek a vibrant and diverse regional economy. We are making grants:

  • To organizations that assist in the development of new businesses and job creation in Genesee County and throughout mid-Michigan.
  • To develop economic assets for Genesee County that can attract new business opportunities and increase the area’s economic viability, with a special emphasis on downtown Flint.

Funding priorities for Workforce Development

Grantmaking under this objective supports programs that help Flint area residents get and keep jobs, especially entry-level jobs for the hard-to-employ and career advancement opportunities through higher education.

We seek quality employment opportunities for Flint area residents who face multiple barriers to good jobs in the regional labor market. We are making grants:

  • To organizations that provide job training or job brokering to unemployed or underemployed Genesee County residents.