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The mission of the Pathways Out of Poverty program is to identify, test and help sustain pathways out of poverty for low-income people and communities.

We believe education, economic participation and community engagement are critical to moving low-income Americans toward greater prosperity. These three areas are the pillars of our program to address poverty in the U.S.

The program is organized into four grantmaking areas:

The first three areas enable us to support efforts to nurture systemic change in the educational, economic and community systems that produce and perpetuate poverty in the U.S. The fourth area allows us to support projects that are crosscutting in nature and to explore special opportunities.

The program also reflects our belief that racism contributes to, and shapes, poverty in the U.S. Thus, we remain alert to opportunities to address institutional racism.

Funding for unsolicited proposals is limited throughout the program. Those interested in applying for funding are strongly encouraged to submit letters of inquiry instead of a full proposal.