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Trustees and Staff List

Board of Trustees*

William S. White, Chairman

Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Vice Chairman+

A. Marshall Acuff Jr.

Lizabeth Ardisana

Tiffany W. Lovett

Webb F. Martin

Olivia P. Maynard

John Morning

Maryanne Mott

Charlie Nelms

Douglas X. Patiño

Jeremy Piper

William H. Piper

Marise M.M. Stewart

Helen Taylor

Ridgway H. White

Audit Committee

Webb F. Martin, Chairman

Frederick S. Kirkpatrick

Olivia P. Maynard

John Morning

Charlie Nelms

Executive Committee

William S. White, Chairman

Frederick S. Kirkpatrick

Webb F. Martin

Maryanne Mott

William H. Piper

Investment Committee

William S. White, Chairman

A. Marshall Acuff Jr.

John K. Butler

Elizabeth T. Frank

Frederick S. Kirkpatrick

Webb F. Martin

William H. Piper

Alan H. Van Noord

* The Members of the corporation are Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Tiffany W. Lovett, Maryanne Mott, William H. Piper, Marise M.M. Stewart, Ridgway H. White and William S. White.

+ Serves as presiding/lead outside director.

Note: All applicants need to follow the Foundation's standard Application Procedures; please do not contact Trustees directly.

Board and Committees lists are current as of January 2016.


Officers and Staff

Executive Office

William S. White, Chief Executive Officer

Ridgway H. White, President

Jennifer Liversedge, Assistant to the President and Program Officer

Lisa R. Maxwell, Administrative Assistant to the CEO

Administrative Group

Mary A. Gailbreath, Vice President — Administration and Secretary/Treasurer

Administrative Services

Gregory S. Hopton, Accounting Manager

Rebecca Burns, Administrative Accountant

Collette Pries, Accountant

Debra L. Cormier, Payroll Administrator

Annette M. Chamberlain, Administrative Assistant

Kim R. McDonald, Office Assistant

Jill A. Powell, Office Assistant

Teresa A. Littlejohn, Receptionist

Debra E. Bullen, Building Manager

Lynne Mortellaro, Building Administrative/Accounting Assistant

Billy M. Powell, Building Operations Supervisor

Gilbert Medrano, Building Operations Assistant II

Patrick J. Turowicz, Building Operations Assistant I

Grants Administration

Fred L. Kump, Interim Director — Grants Administration and Assistant Secretary/Assistant Treasurer

Michael S. Birchmeier, Grants Manager

Cindy S. Compeau, Grants Accountant

S. Renee Jackson, Grants Accountant

Mary Beth Smith, Administrative Assistant/Program Review Committee

Jean M. Bamberg, Administrative Assistant/Central Files

Deborah K. Reid, Administrative Assistant

Human Resources

Julie M. Flynn, Human Resources Manager

Lori L. Chevalier, Administrative Assistant

Ona Kay Goza, Administrative Assistant

Information Services

Gavin T. Clabaugh, Vice President — Information Services

Michael L. Wright, Information Services Manager

Linda L. Davidson, Senior Information Technology Support Analyst

Glen A. Birdsall, Librarian

Ellen Chien, Information Technology Support Analyst

Joumana M. Klanseck, Database Administrator

Asia B. McHaney, Library/Administrative Assistant



Kathryn A. Thomas, Vice President — Communications

Ann F. Richards, Senior Communications Officer

Jeff Alexander, Communications Officer

Duane M. Elling, Communications Officer

Jessica M. Jones, Communications Officer

Macie Schriner, Communications Officer — Online Strategies

Cristina G. Wright, Web Administrator

Craig Kelley Jr., Communications Assistant 

Jon'Tise S. Lewis, Administrative Assistant


Jay C. Flaherty, Vice President — Investments and Chief Investment Officer

Kenneth C. Austin, Investment Manager

Cheryl Garneau, Investment Manager

Stephen W. Vessells, Investment Manager

Laura R. Bechard, Investment Operations Manager

Alicia T. Aguilar, Assistant Investment Administrator

Laura D. Franco, Administrative Assistant

Kelly Swoszowski, Administrative Assistant


Neal R. Hegarty, Vice President — Programs

Ruth M. Woodruff, Administrative Assistant

Civil Society

Shannon L. Lawder, Program Director

(Central and Eastern Europe)

J. Walter Veirs, Regional Director CEE

Vera Dakova, Program Officer

Ross Maclaren, Program Officer

Michele Neumann, Administrative Assistant

(South Africa)

Vuyiswa V. Sidzumo, Director — South Africa

Mamotshidisi Mohapi, Program Officer

Lydia Molapo, Administrative Assistant

(United States, Global Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector)

Nicholas S. Deychakiwsky, Program Officer

Natalie LaCour-Young, Administrative Assistant


Samuel B. Passmore, Program Director

Traci Romine, Program Officer

Sandra N. Smithey, Program Officer

Jumana Z. Vasi, Program Officer

Sarah Murray, Program Assistant

Dondré D. Young, Program Assistant

Sandra J. Smith, Administrative Assistant

Judy L. Wallace, Administrative Assistant

Flint Area

Kimberly S. Roberson, Program Director

Alicia E. M. Kitsuse, Program Officer

Joseph Martin, Program Officer

Jennifer M. Acree, Associate Program Officer

Christopher J. Stallworth, Associate Program Officer

Kaitlyn C. Adler, Program Assistant

Christine L. Anderson, Administrative Assistant

Delia Cappel, Administrative Assistant


Benita D. Melton, Program Director

Gwynn Hughes, Senior Program Officer

Kari M. Pardoe, Associate Program Officer

Crystal L. Bright, Administrative Assistant

Bethany Thayer, Administrative Assistant

Loaned Staff

Karen B. Aldridge-Eason, Foundation Liaison, Office of the Governor, State of Michigan

Contract Employees and Consultants

Amy L. Hovey, Flint Area program, Special Projects Coordinator

Shaun Samuels, Civil Society program (South Africa)

Amy C. Shannon, Environment program

Svitlana Suprun, Civil Society program (Moldova, Ukraine)

Staff lists are current as of May 2016.