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"It seems to me that every person, always, is in a kind of informal partnership with his community. His own success is dependent to a large degree on that community, and the community, after all, is the sum total of the individuals who make it up. The institutions of a community, in turn, are the means by which those individuals express their faith, their ideals and their concern for fellow men."

— Charles Stewart Mott, 1875–1973

This central belief of Charles Stewart Mott was the basis upon which the Mott Foundation was established as a private foundation in 1926. While this remains the guiding principle of the Foundation's grantmaking, we have refined and broadened our grantmaking over time.

Underlying all of our grantmaking programs are certain values that provide a basis for the inter-relatedness of our grantmaking.

These values also undergird our mission — to support efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society.