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Conflict of Interest Policies

The Mott Foundation’s commitment to clearly articulated policies to address potential conflicts of interest for Trustees and staff members dates back to before the late 1960s. As part of our ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, we post both policies on our website.

The Foundation recognizes that its Trustees and employees have broad interests and participate in many community, charitable and business activities. The broader the individual's experience, the more valuable the Trustee or staff member is to the Foundation. From time to time, however, a Trustee or staff member may serve as an officer, staff member, director, trustee or consultant to an organization under consideration for Foundation support. Situations also may arise where a Trustee or staff member's business or personal interests may be affected by a Foundation grant decision.

In all such cases, the Foundation understands that the potential for conflict of interest needs to be recognized and disclosed, and appropriate steps taken to prevent influence or favoritism by any Trustee or employee in the Foundation's grant decision. To that end, Trustees and staff members annually complete a conflict of interest disclosure statement.

It is important to note that while these policies most often are applied to the grantmaking process, they apply equally to all investment and business decisions and related matters. Please click on the links below to access these policies: