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Charles Stewart Mott's central belief in the partnership of humanity was the basis upon which the Foundation was established. While this remains the guiding principle of its grantmaking, the Foundation has refined and broadened its grantmaking over time to reflect changing national and world conditions.

Through its programs of Civil Society, Environment, Flint Area and Education, and their more specific program areas, the Foundation seeks to fulfill its mission of supporting efforts that promote a just, equitable and sustainable society.

Inherent in all grantmaking is the desire to enhance the capacity of individuals, families or institutions at the local level and beyond. The Foundation hopes that its collective work in any program area will lead toward systemic change.

Fundamental to all Mott grantmaking are certain values:

  • Nurturing strong, self-reliant individuals with expanded capacity for accomplishment.
  • Learning how people can live together to create a sense of community, whether at the neighborhood level or as a global society.
  • Building strong communities through collaboration to provide a basis for positive change.
  • Encouraging responsible citizen participation to help foster social cohesion.
  • Promoting the social, economic and political empowerment of all individuals and communities to preserve fundamental democratic principles and rights.
  • Developing leadership to build upon the needs and values of people and to inspire the aspirations and potential of others.
  • Respecting the diversity of life to maintain a sustainable human and physical environment.

Charles Stewart Mott Foundation - Glasspockets badgeThe Foundation is committed to transparency in its operations and grantmaking and participates in the Foundation Center's Glasspockets program, which promotes transparency within the philanthropic sector.