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Policy Evaluation Project

Brookings Institution

To identify effective strategies for increasing savings among low- and moderate-income households.

Amount: $200,000
Grant Period: 10/1/2006 to 9/30/2009
Program: Education
Program Area: Expanding Economic Opportunity
Geographic Focus: United States: United States (At Large)

Currently, many low- and moderate-income households are saving little for retirement. To encourage increased savings among these households, the Brookings Institution's Policy Evaluation Project is conducting an experiment to test the effects of matching rates and other savings incentives on savings behavior. This grant will enable the project to analyze, report on and communicate results from the experiment to policymakers, journalists and savings advocates. Among other impacts, these results will help inform current and future debates about new directions for a U.S. savings policy. The Policy Evaluation Project is known for producing high quality research findings in a timely manner, providing a strong base of evidence to assess new policy ideas, and incorporating successful ideas into the policy formulation process.

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