Delia Cappel

Administrative Assistant

Flint Area


People have accused Delia Cappel of starting with the Foundation when she was in elementary school. She’s been with Mott for 40 years and has more seniority than any other employee except the chairman and CEO. Cappel was hired as a high school co-op student in 1977 while she was attending the Genesee Intermediate School District’s Career Institute. She continued her professional education at Baker College while working at Mott, where she’s held several different positions with the administrative and program divisions. Growing up in a bilingual environment, Cappel speaks Spanish and would like to pursue a more formal knowledge of the language. She loves to garden, cook and play golf. She feels privileged to work with the Flint Area team and deeply appreciates what the Foundation is trying to accomplish in its home community.

Joined Mott



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