Ellen Chien

Information Technology Support Analyst

Administrative Group


A familiar face at the Mott Foundation, Ellen Chien is the first line of response when employees are having problems with their computers, phones, laptops or other devices. Her endless patience and good humor help everybody on staff feel slightly less stupid when they’re experiencing technical difficulties. Chien began working with the Foundation’s IT department in 2010 as an intern, returning in 2012 as a technical support analyst. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and a master’s degree in Systems Engineering with a focus on manufacturing at the University of Pennsylvania. A long-time yoga practitioner, she joined a running club this past winter, just as the first snow began falling in Michigan. It toughened her up enough to try her first 8K run with the Crim Festival of Races, where 50,000 runners and walkers gather to compete every summer in downtown Flint.

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