Kallie Bellaver

Technical Support Specialist

Administrative Group

Joined Mott in 2019

Kallie Gentile


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Mott Foundation Building
503 S. Saginaw St., Suite 1200
Flint, Mich. 48502-1851


A New Jersey native who grew up in Flint, Kallie Bellaver credits her love of all things Disney with sparking her interest in technology at a young age. When she was just 3 years old, her family’s VCR broke while she was watching The Lion King, so she decided to help her grandpa fix it. Soon she was more engrossed in the VCR repair than getting back to her favorite movie, and she’s been tinkering with hardware and software ever since. A graduate of Michigan Technical University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in alternative energies, she is currently pursuing another bachelor’s degree in information technology from Purdue University. Prior to joining Mott, Bellaver worked as an IT professional for Bloomfield Hills School District. She says her favorite thing about her work is helping to make technology accessible and less intimidating for people and turning it into an empowering tool for them.