Melanie Moore

Associate Program Officer



Melanie Moore works on grantmaking related to freshwater issues in the Great Lakes basin. She joined Mott after the Foundation expanded its grantmaking to help ensure that all people in the region have access to safe, affordable drinking water. As a child, Moore dreamed of becoming the next Jacques Cousteau. However, persistent motion sickness derailed those plans, so she turned her focus to environmental policy work. Before joining Mott, the Chicago native worked in a variety of roles in the environmental field, including as an educator and Midwest field director for the Union of Concerned Scientists. More recently, she served as an independent consultant on issues including environmental advocacy, energy equity and climate change adaptation. Moore earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Hampton University and a master’s degree in environmental science and public policy at the University of Chicago. She is a world traveler and a foodie who also enjoys yoga, cycling and genealogy.

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