Ryan C. Madar

Senior Systems Engineer

Administrative Group

Joined Mott in 2017

Ryan Madar


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
Mott Foundation Building
503 S. Saginaw St., Suite 1200
Flint, Mich. 48502-1851


Prior to joining the Mott Foundation’s Information Technology team, Ryan Madar, a University of Michigan-Flint graduate, was employed at a local auction house researching and selling everything from old apothecary equipment to movie posters to historical artifacts. While working on his bachelor’s degree in computer science, Madar spent time in the retail industry, gaining expertise in customer relations and interpersonal skills — both of which are useful in his position as senior systems engineer at Mott. The Byron, Michigan, native became fascinated with technology when he played his first video game at age 5 — an interest that carried through adolescence and presented an obvious field of study when he entered college.