Types of Support

Project Support Grants

To apply for a project support grant from the Mott Foundation, you must submit a set of detailed documents about your organization and the project for which you are seeking support. In order to allow for adequate proposal review and processing time, please submit your request to the Foundation at least 60 days prior to the start of the grant period. The Foundation can provide single and multiyear grants (typically not more than three years).

Your request/proposal need not be lengthy (normally not longer than 10-15 pages), but must contain the following:

  • A cover letter signed by an authorized officer of the organization. The letter should be prepared on the organization’s stationery or letterhead and should include the amount of funds requested and the specific period of time during which the grant funds would be spent.
  • A brief summary of results or accomplishments during the current grant period, if this is a renewal request.
  • Objectives for the grant period, including any dissemination and evaluation plans.
  • A detailed line item budget for the project for the grant period, showing projected expenses, sources of revenue and the amount of staff time (full-time equivalent) represented by the salaries/benefits line item.
  • A copy of your organization’s current institutional budget (revenues and expenses) along with a copy of your organization’s latest audited financial statements and annual report. If these are not available, then please provide a copy of the organization’s internally prepared financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year. (For organizations outside the United States, these documents do not need to be translated into English.)

If your organization is located outside the United States, then see the General FAQs and the Affidavit FAQs for additional requirements. For domestic organizations that have never received a grant from the Mott Foundation, please provide a copy of your latest IRS determination letter.