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General Purposes

Afterschool Alliance

  • Program Education
  • Program Area Advancing Afterschool
  • Grant Amount $1,800,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2015–December 31, 2015
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus United States

About this grant

This grant will allow the Afterschool Alliance to continue its efforts to ensure that children and youth — particularly those in underserved populations — will have access to engaging afterschool opportunities that inspire learning and achievement in school and in life. The grantee serves as a critical voice and organizer of the field, works with decisionmakers to advance opportunities for afterschool programming, and ensures that the field’s lessons inform national education and youth policy initiatives. The grantee will continue to: 1) serve as an information source on afterschool programs and resources; 2) be an effective voice in its efforts to expand quality afterschool programs; 3) leverage the data from the 2014 America After 3PM survey to educate thought leaders and decisionmakers; and 4) increase communications to show the positive impact of afterschool programs on children, families, and communities. The grantee will also work with the 47 statewide afterschool networks and 3 partnership states as a member of the national Afterschool Technical Assistance Collaborative.