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Asset Building Program

New America

  • Program Education
  • Program Area Graduating High School College & Career Ready
  • Grant Amount $400,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2014–December 31, 2015
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus United States

About this grant

The New America Foundation’s Asset Building Program seeks to broaden the ownership of assets in America, especially among low- and moderate-income households, thereby providing all Americans with increased financial security, as well as a direct stake in the success of our economy. To achieve this goal, the program conducts policy research, develops asset policy ideas, educates policymakers, and communicates the benefits of asset building to journalists and the general public. Renewal support from the Mott Foundation will enable the grantee to continue: 1) developing and articulating a policy agenda focused on enabling more people to save, accumulate resources, and protect their assets throughout their lives; 2) elevate public discourse around the wide array of ideas, policies, and programs that promote asset building; and 3) advance policymakers’ understanding and leadership of asset-building policies. The New America Foundation is a public policy institute whose purpose is to bring new voices and ideas to the fore of America’s public discourse by investing in outstanding individuals and ideas that transcend the conventional political spectrum.