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General Purposes

Washington Interfaith Network

  • Program Education
  • Program Area Building Organized Communities
  • Grant Amount $320,000
  • Grant Period March 1, 2005–December 31, 2006
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia

About this grant

Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) was established as a local community organization in Washington, D.C. and serves as the home of a regional network of organizations affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). WIN trains and develops neighborhood leaders to address community issues.Multiyear funding will enable WIN to organize and sponsor leadership training for IAF groups in the region; identify and mentor potential organizers; and provide technical assistance to local organizations. Specific objectives include sponsoring three-day leadership training twice each year; recruiting leaders each year to participate in IAF’s national 10-day training; conducting house meetings with at least 2,000 participants in order to determine common issues for D.C., Montgomery County and Northern Virginia residents; instituting a new organizer "scouting" process with all IAF organizations on the East Coast; and providing technical assistance and consultation to IAF organizations to identify issues and develop campaigns.WIN is sponsored by 48 dues-paying members and represents 20,000 families across the District of Columbia. IAF is the oldest and largest national, congregation-based community organizing network in the U.S.