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Export Credit Agency/International Finance Institution Reform Program

Pacific Environment

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Transforming Development Finance
  • Grant Amount $150,000
  • Grant Period April 1, 2005–March 31, 2007
  • Location San Francisco, CA, United States
  • Geographic Focus World

About this grant

This grant will enable Pacific Environment to continue promoting the environmental and social sustainability of public and private financial institutions’ policies and practices in developing countries and countries in transition. The program’s primary focus is on reform of export credit agencies (ECAs).Multiyear funding will support objectives that include monitoring projects to ensure compliance with the Common Approaches – environmental guidelines for ECAs based in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development member states; focusing on reform of selected policies, such as strengthening post-approval project monitoring procedures and transparency; advocating for the disclosure of production-sharing agreements and other host country contracts; strengthening collaborations with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Japan and Europe; and sustaining the ECA Watch communications functions.Accomplishments during the past two years included helping shape the revision of the Common Approaches; participating in the creation of new policies at the U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corporation to increase protection for natural forests, prevent support for harmful dams and establish a new accountability and transparency initiative; expanding the volume and accessibility of information on the ECA-Watch Web site; and increasing awareness among NGOs and banks about the need for transparency of contracts for private extractive projects.