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General Purposes

Civil Society Institute

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Strengthening Civic Space
  • Grant Amount $150,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2008–December 31, 2010
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Geographic Focus Ukraine

About this grant

The program goal is to strengthen public monitoring and oversight of government bodies in Ukraine at the national, regional, and local levels. This grant continues support to the Civil Society Institute, which works to increase the public’s knowledge of their rights and of mechanisms to protect these rights. The grantee will conduct detailed monitoring of current and proposed legislation impacting nonprofit organizations and people’s rights and freedoms, while also educating legislative officials about effective law-making procedures. It will also monitor information transparency and accessibility of local and regional councils and administrations as a means of promoting informed public participation in local decisionmaking. The institute has made significant contributions to the ongoing process of local administration reform in Ukraine, while also publishing numerous accessible handbooks on citizens’ rights. These have been key components of the Civil Society Institute’s work since its inception in 1997.