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Capacity Building

Community Chest of the Western Cape

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Enhancing Community Philanthropy
  • Grant Amount $60,000
  • Grant Period April 1, 2009–March 31, 2011
  • Location Cape Town, South Africa
  • Geographic Focus South Africa

About this grant

Established in 1928, the Community Chest of the Western Cape is affiliated with United Way International. It makes grants and provides training to community-based organizations in the Western Cape province. The training enables organizations to build appropriate systems and structures to operate as professional institutions and to meet the application criteria of funders. Through previous support from Mott, the organization held training courses for organizations in Cape Town and rural areas in the Western Cape province, including special training for youth leaders. This grant continues support to the grantee to train community-based organizations working on development and poverty alleviation. Future plans include the continuation and expansion of the courses to more rural areas, using in-house and external training facilitators; developing a customized database to better monitor the impact of the training; upgrading educational materials; and broadly disseminating the training model in South Africa.