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General Purposes

Foundation for Human Rights

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Increasing Access to Justice
  • Grant Amount $150,000
  • Grant Period October 1, 2005–September 30, 2007
  • Location Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Geographic Focus South Africa

About this grant

The Foundation for Human Rights was established in 1995 through an agreement between the South African government and the European Union (EU) to implement the EU’s human rights program in South Africa. Since then, it has evolved into a leading grantmaker in support of the development and strengthening of a culture of human rights.Multiyear funding will enable the foundation to develop relationships with South African corporations to encourage them to direct more of their social responsibility funding toward the human rights sector, particularly socioeconomic rights; build internal systems of governance, leadership and accountability to further enhance its credibility as an indigenous grantmaker; demonstrate the impact of using the Constitutional Court to advance and fulfill the rights of poor, marginalized communities; and promote greater networking and collaboration. Recent accomplishments included supporting partnerships involving nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations and social movements to address poverty and inequality; ensuring access to justice for the poor through the Constitutional Court; commissioning research on the role of advice offices and paralegals in making sure that poor communities can access their rights; and developing a program to address gender-based violence and to strengthen the women’s sector.