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Transitional Justice Program

Humanitarian Law Center

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $5,000
  • Grant Period March 1, 2005–February 28, 2007
  • Location Belgrade, Serbia
  • Geographic Focus Montenegro, Serbia

About this grant

This grant increase will support ongoing cooperation among the Humanitarian Law Center in Serbia and its regional partners, the Research and Documentation Center Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Documenta in Croatia, both of which are Mott grantees. Additional grant funds will be used to pay the partial salary of one staff member at the Humanitarian Law Center to facilitate ongoing communication, coordination and joint project development and implementation; and to pay the partial costs of an external consultant to facilitate the organizational and programmatic development of the center. The overall project goal is to support the successful transition of the Humanitarian Law Center, one of the most prominent human rights organizations in the Western Balkans, to an institution for documentation and research of humanitarian law and human rights abuses stemming from the violent conflicts in the region since 1991.