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National Nonprofit Data System Endowment

Urban Institute

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Strengthening Civic Space
  • Grant Amount $250,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2005–December 31, 2008
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus United States

About this grant

The development of a National Nonprofit Data System will allow for better research, leading to a deeper understanding of the nonprofit sector’s financial health, effectiveness and accountability. A $10-million challenge grant from Atlantic Philanthropies to the Urban Institute supports the work of its Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy (CNP) in building a database for the nonprofit sector. The National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), a program at CNP, is the national repository of information on nonprofits.Multiyear funding will support the National Nonprofit Data System Endowment and allow CNP to maintain, update and expand NCCS databases; improve access to NCCS data through a Web site; facilitate electronic filing of Form 990; establish a repository of nonprofit organization surveys; complete a national survey of governance in nonprofit organizations; and advance data standards for the sector.The Urban Institute is a policy and research organization that was established in 1968 to analyze socioeconomic problems confronting the United States and the government policies and programs created to alleviate them.