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Sulfide Mining Constituency Education Project

National Wildlife Federation

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Addressing the Freshwater Challenge
  • Grant Amount $175,000
  • Grant Period October 1, 2004–December 31, 2005
  • Location Reston, VA, United States
  • Geographic Focus Michigan

About this grant

Through the Sulfide Mining Constituency Education project, the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) will endeavor to build public support for a more protective set of mining standards and thorough implementation of such standards. The recent discovery of valuable minerals in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula may lead to sulfide ore mining, which poses risks to the region’s freshwater resources. Current mining policies and programs cannot adequately manage the environmental impacts of sulfide ore mining.Funding will enable NWF to enhance statewide communications by developing new tools to inform key audiences such as large population centers, downstate opinion leaders, and hunters and anglers about the local economic impacts of sulfide ore mining; and increase outreach in the Upper Peninsula through educational forums and regular communications.NWF, founded in 1936, is the largest member-supported conservation group in the United States. It works to educate, inspire and assist individuals and organizations to conserve wildlife and other natural resources, and to ensure a sustainable environment for the future.