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Documentary Film: "A Srebrenica Tale"

XY Films

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $50,000
  • Grant Period May 1, 2005–September 30, 2006
  • Location Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina
  • Geographic Focus Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia

About this grant

The fall of the town of Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina in July 1995 and the subsequent massacre of more than 8,000 men and boys is considered the worst atrocity committed in Europe since World War II. The massacre has also become symbolic of the ethnic cleansing that characterized Serb aggression throughout the war in Bosnia. XY Films will use Mott funding to produce a film about the plight of four people trying to escape from Srebrenica. The goal of the project is to enhance public awareness of human suffering on both sides of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and encourage the process of reconciliation through truth-telling. The film will be distributed free of charge and made available to television stations in Bosnia and throughout the region, as well shown at local and international film festivals and educational events.XY Films – based in Sarajevo, Bosnia – produces documentary films and television programs that address current affairs and issues in the country.