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Institutional and Programmatic Development Support

Group 484

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $70,000
  • Grant Period May 1, 2008–April 30, 2010
  • Location Belgrade, Serbia
  • Geographic Focus Serbia

About this grant

The project goal is to increase the participation of young refugees and displaced people in all aspects of decisionmaking and social life in Serbia. To this end, Group 484 will promote the rights of forced migrants and engage young people in communities to work actively with young forced migrants. Specifically, the grantee will enhance the protection of the right to cultural identity in multiethnic local communities, improve capacities for minority rights protection, promote European standards in the field of migration, and support the creation and implementation of a national youth strategy. In 2006-2007, Group 484 engaged youth volunteers to support the return of young refugees from Western Europe and advocated for the improvement of the status of forced migrants in the labor market. In addition, the grantee built staff capacities through annual performance monitoring and educational/training opportunities for staff. Group 484 is based in Belgrade and cooperates with various European networks of refugee-assisting organizations.