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Participatory Radio as a Means for Community Development in Russia

Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $200,000
  • Grant Period September 1, 2012–August 31, 2014
  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Geographic Focus Russia, Russia

About this grant

The program goal is to promote processes that strengthen public participation in the development of communities. The Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting will continue to develop the concept of participatory community radio stations based in universities across Russia. Focusing on a core group of five universities, and engaging less intensively with 12, the grantee will undertake a range of training activities aimed at ensuring a self-sustaining model of local radio stations based within universities but reporting on community realities. Initial efforts will also be made to formalize a network of university-based community radio stations. In 2010-2012, the participating stations produced over 400 podcasts from across the country. The grantee held five intensive training workshops and two national competitions to identify the best stories of the year. The Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting has worked in Russia since 1999 to provide training for radio journalists and promote educational programming for Russian audiences.