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Genesee Early College

Genesee Intermediate School District

  • Program Flint Area
  • Program Area Revitalizing the Education Continuum
  • Grant Amount $150,000
  • Grant Period October 1, 2010–September 30, 2011
  • Location Flint, MI, United States
  • Geographic Focus Flint

About this grant

This renewal grant will provide partial support for Genesee Early College, a middle early college sponsored by the Genesee Intermediate School District, in partnership with the University of Michigan-Flint. The purpose of Genesee Early College is to provide local students from disadvantaged and underrepresented communities the opportunity to complete high school while simultaneously earning up to 60 college credits. Genesee Early College instruction focuses on preparing students for careers in healthcare. It is one of 12 early college programs established in Michigan and one of six Michigan early colleges focused on healthcare as a result of planning grants from the Michigan Department of Education.