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General Purposes

Flint River Watershed Coalition

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Addressing the Freshwater Challenge
  • Grant Amount $80,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2010–December 31, 2011
  • Location Flint, MI, United States
  • Geographic Focus Michigan

About this grant

The Flint River Watershed stretches across several counties and includes dozens of cities and towns. More than a half-million people drink groundwater affected by the Flint River or use it as a backup water supply, while fish and wildlife depend on the river and its tributaries. Yet, stormwater runoff, habitat loss, and other pollution sources are degrading the watershed, threatening the human and wildlife communities that depend on it. The Flint River Watershed Coalition works to improve the watershed through sound science, public education, and policy development. Past efforts have included river cleanup events and water quality monitoring activities. With a renewal grant from Mott, the coalition will build its organizational capacity, increase its educational outreach, and promote strong watershed stewardship.