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Alabama Urban Stormwater Project

Mobile Baykeeper

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Addressing the Freshwater Challenge
  • Grant Amount $110,000
  • Grant Period July 1, 2010–December 31, 2012
  • Location Mobile, AL, United States
  • Geographic Focus Alabama

About this grant

The Mobile Baykeeper works to protect and restore water quality in the Mobile Bay drainage basin, which covers two-thirds of Alabama and is the fourth largest watershed in North America. With past Mott support, the grantee helped strengthen Alabama’s stormwater policies by coordinating citizen participation in policy review processes, educating local officials and private-sector partners, and training citizens to monitor stormwater programs. With this grant renewal, the organization will continue these efforts while reinforcing local implementation of the full range of stormwater protections. A portion of the grant will also be used to help coordinate the Alabama nonprofit community’s response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.