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Expanded Learning Time/New York City

ExpandED Schools

  • Program Education
  • Program Area Advancing Afterschool
  • Grant Amount $200,000
  • Grant Period July 1, 2008–June 30, 2009
  • Location New York, NY, United States
  • Geographic Focus New York

About this grant

This grant will support the After-School Corporation in its Expanded Learning Time/New York City initiative. This project builds upon the accomplishments of community-based organizations and local education leaders by expanding student learning opportunities in a structured, systematic, and sustainable manner and will use a broad range of metrics to determine the benefits of providing children with the rich and varied expanded learning experiences they need to succeed in the 21st century. By demonstrating the feasibility as well as the benefits of this paradigm shift, the demonstration also seeks to influence the structure and content of state and national school reform efforts that seek to close the achievement gap through a longer school day and year. Specifically, this project will increase student learning time by at least 30 percent for at least half of the students at 11 New York City public schools. The After-School Corporation is a not-for-profit organization that has been helping school leaders and community organizations create high quality, school-based afterschool programs.