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General Purposes

Russia Donors Forum

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Strengthening Civic Space
  • Grant Amount $120,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2010–December 31, 2012
  • Location Moscow, Russia
  • Geographic Focus Russia, Russia

About this grant

The program goal is to strengthen organized philanthropy in Russia. The grant will assist the Russia Donors Forum to improve member services, provide professional support to the philanthropic community, and raise the profile of philanthropy. The grantee will enhance its online services and information while continuing to expand its growing publishing and conference program. It will work closely with relevant partners to advocate for improvements in the environment for philanthropy. It will also work to strengthen standards and codes of conduct for members, aiming ultimately to become a formal, self-regulating association for Russian donors. Since 2007, the grantee has increased its membership to 50 organizations. It has published popular books on the development of philanthropy in contemporary Russia and has successfully promoted donor transparency through its annual report contests. Officially registered in 2002, the Russia Donors Forum promotes effective and organized grantmaking supporting the development of a democratic civil society in Russia.