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General Purposes

Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission

  • Program Flint Area
  • Program Area Meeting Evolving Community Needs
  • Grant Amount $1,559,000
  • Grant Period October 1, 2011–September 30, 2012
  • Location Flint, MI, United States
  • Geographic Focus Flint

About this grant

The Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission is dedicated to providing all the residents of Genesee County with affordable, quality, recreational and educational facilities. The Genesee County Parks are widely utilized as accessible and inexpensive recreational and nature opportunities for local residents, and attendance in most facilities has either held constant or increased despite the recent critical economic conditions. This renewal grant will enable the grantee to continue regular operation and maintenance of its facilities, conduct much-needed maintenance and improvement projects, and strategically reduce its budget for continued quality community service.