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Dealing with the Past - Transitional Justice in Kosovo


  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Special Initiatives
  • Grant Amount $60,000
  • Grant Period April 1, 2016–March 31, 2018
  • Location Prishtina, Kosovo
  • Geographic Focus Kosovo

About this grant

The project goals are to support greater active civic participation on issues of dealing with the past and to strengthen democratic values in Kosovo. Through activities under this project, Integra will complement other national and regional initiatives aimed at increasing public engagement on dealing with Kosovo’s recent past. Specifically, the grantee will produce up to 30 documentary films about the personal stories of victims from all sides of the conflict in Kosovo and the broader region. The grantee will organize screenings and educational events in Kosovo and the region using these films and expand its capacity to disseminate films and related information online. Additional activities will explore the role of arts and culture in raising awareness and engaging people constructively on the sensitive issues of the region’s recent past. During 2014-2015, the grantee produced 30 documentary films with victims from the region and organized screenings to raise awareness of issues of accountability and justice in Kosovo. Established in 2003, Integra is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization registered in Kosovo by a group of young people whose mission is to promote good governance and the protection of human rights for all people of Kosovo.