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Community Resource Centers in Ukraine

Charity and Health Foundation

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Increasing Access to Justice
  • Grant Amount $100,000
  • Grant Period September 1, 2013–September 30, 2015
  • Location Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Geographic Focus Ukraine

About this grant

The program goal is to increase opportunities for participatory community development in Ukraine. To this end, the Kherson Regional Charity and Health Foundation will further develop community-based legal and information resource centers throughout Ukraine. Specifically, the grantee will expand the role of legal information centers from providers of legal and information support into facilitators and incubators of active civic engagement. The grantee will create a new online portal in order to support the activities of the legal information center network. Best practices and successes will systematically be collected and disseminated in order to assist centers to be not only responsive to specific requests for assistance but also proactive in helping foster community engagement. Finally, the grantee will produce a series of documentary films that tell the stories of rural residents who used the services of the legal information centers in pursuit of an important community interest. Founded in 1989, the grantee works to inspire citizens to take responsible action in order to promote the rule of law and democracy in Ukraine.