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Donors and Foundations Networks In Europe (DAFNE)

Spanish Association of Foundations

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Strengthening Civic Space
  • Grant Amount $200,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2015–December 31, 2016
  • Location Madrid, Spain
  • Geographic Focus Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

About this grant

The project goal is to develop strategic philanthropy and strengthen philanthropic infrastructure in Europe. To this end, the Spanish Association of Foundations will manage and develop the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE), an informal network of 24 donor associations from 20 European countries, including 7 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. More specifically, the grantee, in cooperation with network members, will increase the level and quality of philanthropy in Europe, strengthen the representation of the philanthropic sector vis-à-vis the public and corporate sectors, increase the knowledge and appreciation of the contribution of philanthropy to social development, and strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of network members. The grantee was established in January 2003 as a result of the merger of two national associations of foundations, and as of November 2013, it has 1,000 members. The grantee provides specialist information, training, and consultancy services to members and other interested stakeholders; carries out relevant research and advocacy projects; and represents the Spanish foundation sector on the national, European, and global levels.