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General Purposes

New America

  • Program Flint Area
  • Program Area Restoring Community Vitality
  • Grant Amount $200,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2018–December 31, 2018
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus Flint

About this grant

This grant will help support the New America Foundation in its efforts to realize its vision of a nation which supports: 1) thriving families, individuals, and communities with the time, stability, and opportunity to lead self-directed lives; 2) equitable, accessible, and high-quality education and training over a lifetime 3) universal access to digital technology and its benefits across all communities 4) a society that promotes economic opportunity for all; 5) equal representation in politics and participation in accountable governance; and 6) a secure, prosperous America that lives up to its values and commitments at home and abroad. This grant will allow the grantee to explore, working intensively in Flint, what role it could play working with a local government to improve its capacity.