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Aviation Academy

Genesee Intermediate School District

  • Program Flint Area
  • Program Area Revitalizing the Education Continuum
  • Grant Amount $44,800
  • Grant Period July 1, 2019–May 31, 2021
  • Location Flint, MI, United States
  • Geographic Focus Genesee

About this grant

The Genesee Intermediate School District is a regional service agency that provides leadership to improve education and enhance lifelong learning for youth and adults.  As part of its work, the grantee administers Genesee Career Institute, a state-of-the-art career and technical education center that prepares high school students for immediate entry into the workforce after graduation.  This grant will help support the development of a new aviation academy at Genesee Career Institute. The academy will prepare students for careers in the aviation industry.