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Identifying Water Infrastructure Funding Options

Michigan Environmental Council

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Addressing the Freshwater Challenge
  • Grant Amount $25,000
  • Grant Period June 1, 2019–September 30, 2020
  • Location Lansing, MI, United States
  • Geographic Focus Michigan

About this grant

Michigan faces a water infrastructure funding gap of approximately $800 million per year, covering wastewater, drinking water and stormwater. Closing this funding gap is imperative if Michigan is to meet its responsibility to citizens and the environment. The Michigan Environmental Council leads a collaborative project "Water for All Michigan" to research and analyze various funding solutions to address Michigan’s pressing water needs. The COVID-19 pandemic, its economic fallout and the federal, state and local government responses to the pandemic have made water infrastructure, water security and water equity issues more dynamic; and the potential solutions equally so. This grant increase will allow the grantee to incorporate this evolving landscape of challenges and opportunities into the overall project.