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Unlocking BNDES Operation Lifecycle

SITAWI Finance for Good

  • Program Environment
  • Program Area Transforming Development Finance
  • Grant Amount $300,000
  • Grant Period August 1, 2022–July 31, 2024
  • Location Botafogo, Brazil
  • Geographic Focus Brazil, South America

About this grant

SITAWI Finance for Good is a Brazilian nonprofit organization founded in 2008 to mobilize research and capital for positive environmental and social outcomes. Over the past grant period, the grantee: 1) tracked fossil fuel and renewable energy investment by the Brazilian Development Bank; 2) began an analysis of social and environmental impacts and finance of oil and gas extraction in the Amazon; and 3) worked to strengthen safeguards at the bank. Over the next grant period, Sitawi Finance for Good will continue its bank monitoring activities, work toward incorporating new climate safeguards at the financial institution and publish its comprehensive report on the finance and impacts of Amazon oil and gas exploitation.