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TFN Global Service for Community Foundations

Funding Network

  • Program Civil Society
  • Program Area Enhancing Community Philanthropy
  • Grant Amount $100,000
  • Grant Period April 1, 2022–March 31, 2025
  • Location London, United Kingdom
  • Geographic Focus Africa, Europe, South America

About this grant

The project goal is to strengthen newly established and emerging community foundations in select countries and regions. To this end, The Funding Network, a giving circle based in the United Kingdom, will adapt and deliver a set of its global services to address the needs of emerging and newly established community foundations and community foundation support organizations in Africa, Europe and Latin America. The grantee will facilitate regional and international exchanges and will provide information, technical assistance and mentoring to its international partners. Established in London in 2002 by a group of private philanthropists with the mission to increase the level, scope and impact of charitable giving, the grantee now works in 25 countries around the world. With previous grant funds, the Funding Network supported partner organizations in 21 countries to organize 80 events and raise over $2 million for 234 social change projects with support from more than 5,000 donors.