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Publication of "Grow Faster Together. Or Grow Slowly Apart: How Will America Work in the 21st Century?"

Aspen Institute

  • Program Exploratory and Special Projects
  • Program Area Special Projects
  • Grant Amount $62,520
  • Grant Period August 1, 1999–December 31, 2002
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus United States

About this grant

In four years of work on the issues of Work and Future Society, the Domestic Strategy Group has developed an analysis of critical problems facing the nation’’s workers, businesses and families, and generated practical policy prescriptions designed to address those problems. To effectively convey its findings and recommendations to leaders and the public, the group is producing a report and devising an effective strategy to market it. This grant increase will support a three-month public relations campaign including highly targeted electronic and print distribution of the report.