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United States

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New York, NY

United States

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Grant Period

January 1, 2021 -
December 31, 2023

This grant provides general support to Candid, an organization that collects, analyzes and publishes information on philanthropic and nonprofit entities. The grantee currently houses databases with 29,000 research reports and data on 2.8 million nonprofits and 235,000 foundations. The grantee provides training to nonprofits and foundations while producing and disseminating its own research. Their strategic priorities are to: 1) connect nonprofits to the resources needed to thrive; 2) empower donors with knowledge tools to be more strategic; 3) build the global data platform for philanthropy; 4) communicate philanthropy’s contribution to making a better world; 5) encourage greater foundation transparency; and 6) ensure that technology provides a strong foundation for the center’s work. Candid was founded in 2019, when Foundation Center and GuideStar merged into one entity, consolidating much of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector’s data.

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