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Leading Edge States Project

Center for Law and Social Policy

  • Program Education
  • Program Area Expanding Economic Opportunity
  • Grant Amount $400,000
  • Grant Period January 1, 2003–December 31, 2004
  • Location Washington, DC, United States
  • Geographic Focus United States

About this grant

Recent research suggests that states and localities could do more to connect unemployed or underemployed low-income adults to better jobs by improving the quality of and access to training and post-secondary education. Despite the need, states and localities have little access to information about what policies and practices have been tried elsewhere, and with what results. Multiyear funding will support efforts to inform state officials about promising strategies to improve access to longer-term job training and post-secondary education, especially for those with lower skills, limited English proficiency and/or little work experience; link low-income adults to better jobs by creating new ways for employers and potential workers to connect; and promote accessibility to and participation in key work supports. Activities will include identifying and examining the experiences of states and localities that are taking the lead in implementing such strategies; bringing leading groups together to share and learn from each other; documenting current evaluation efforts and outcome tracking by leading groups; and disseminating findings.The Center for Law and Social Policy is a national public policy organization targeting welfare reform, child care, child support enforcement and workforce development at both the state and federal levels.